Sunday, September 07, 2008

Call Joe Knollenberg. Demand he debate Gary Peters. Call Joe at 248-723-1477

Many of the candidates running for office in Oakland County are now scheduling debates. You know, those encounters with your competitor for the same elected office. But not Joe Knollenberg. There are still no debates scheduled between Democrat Gary Peters and Republican Joe Knollenberg. One might ask why not. Could it be that Knollenberg knows he doesn't have a leg to stand on?

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MIKE said...

I would be surprised if Joe agrees to debate Gary. Republicans are big on form but small on substance. Great on platitudes - small on ideas. Big on fear & smear - small on accountability & constructive plans. Great for the rich - indifferant to the poor and middle class. Unless you are the Chamber of Commerse or wealthy, you have nothing in common with Knollenber and the Republicans. Their record is a litany of distruction of the middle class, labor and our democratic way of life.