Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Joe Knollenberg, foot soldier for George W. Bush

The first DCCC ad went up against Joe Knollenberg.

Poll Shows Peters with 4 Point Lead Over Knollenberg

A Grove Insight poll conducted August 17-19 of 400 likely voters with a 4.9 percent margin of error shows that Gary Peters leads Congressman Joe Knollenberg 41-37 percent in an initial head-to-head matchup. Eight percent voted for Jack Kevorkian and 14 percent were undecided. After voters are informed with each candidates’ message and bio, Gary Peters comes out ahead 50 percent -35 percent, with six percent going for Kevorkian and with nine percent undecided.

At the presidential level, Illinois Senator Barack Obama led in the district 52 percent -35 percent over Senator John McCain with only 3 percent undecided. Only 25 percent of the district approves of Joe Knollenberg’s job performance, while President Bush’s approval rating stands at 18 percent.

“As a fifth generation Oakland County native and accomplished businessman, Gary Peters is a strong, principled leader who will take action to create good-paying jobs, restore fiscal discipline and get Michigan’s economy back on track,” said DCCC Midwest Regional Press Secretary Ryan Rudominer. “Congressman Knollenberg will pay a heavy price at the polls this November for blindly following President Bush’s failed economic agenda that got us into our current economic crisis that has squeezed families with soaring energy and health care costs, and skyrocketing unemployment.”

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