Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How Bad is it for Republicans? Just ask Joe Knollenberg

This article is actually pretty funny, from the perspective that Republicans just don't seem to be able to own up to the fact that it is their economic policies that have led to the point we are at.

The Race for Michigan’s Ninth
A snapshot of GOP troubles nationwide.

By Henry Payne

Bloomfield Hills, Mich. — How bad is it for Republicans this year? Consider Michigan’s Congressional District 9 in affluent, white-collar Oakland County just north of Detroit, represented for 16 years by Republican Rep. Joe Knollenberg.

Two years ago, Knollenberg survived a tight race as Democrats nationally swept into the House of Representatives to win back the majority they’d lost in 1994. That restored 2006 Democratic majority immediately took aim at the pocketbooks of Knollenberg’s “rich” constituents. Yet, despite Democratic polices that have adversely effected the district’s auto jobs, home values, and taxes, polls blame George W. Bush — not Democrats — for these ills, and the veteran congressman is more vulnerable than ever. Click here for the rest of the article.

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MIKE said...

If you think - you will vote Democrat this year. If you care for our country - you will vote Democrat this year. If you REALY pay attention to the issues and the record - you will vote Democrat this year. Time for REAL change.