Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Get Out and Vote for Gary Peters

I have been the lone contributor to this blog for about a year and a half. It has been my singular task to bring to light Joe Knollenberg's record in Congress and how he does not vote for the average, working family in his district.

Today is the day that it changes. We have a great candidate who's been well funded and done the hard work of campaigning to win. Gary Peters built a great organization and did the hard work of getting on the phone asking for and raising money, knocking on doors, attending political functions. Today it all pays off.

The Republicans in Oakland County and Joe's staff don't like me much. They got me arrested and called the police at every opportunity when we protested at Joe's office. They harassed me at the debates. But I persevered because I know that we need a new representative in Congress and Gary is that person to bring change to the 9th district.

I predict that tonight we will have a new Congressman representing the 9th District of Michigan and a new President, Barack Obama.

Now, go vote.

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Daniel said...

I voted Peters. Here's to hoping he wins.