Monday, April 02, 2007

When is a Blog Not a Blog -- When it is Joe Knollenberg's

Joe Knollenberg now claims to have a "blog".

What is most interesting though, is that he doesn't allow anyone to leave comments on his "blog".

So, basically, Knollenberg's idea of a "blog" means he gets to censor free speech.

The Irony of it All
Of course there is even more irony on Joe's new website -- he doesn't allow you to contact him by email!!!

His "contact" page only provides snail mail addresses.

That is not a surprise to his Constituents who have tried to contact him already know that he doesn't meet with or correspond with, or even reply to constituents.

It is just ironic that he has a website, but won't allow anyone to make comments or contact him via email.

Joe Knollenberg Ignores Constituents But Meets With Lobbyists
He does meet frequently with Washington DC lobbyists from Big Oil, Pharma, etc. He particularly likes to have them host fundraisers for him. (We have more about that coming up in a future post.)

Too bad we as voters don't have a lobbyist. That would be the only way we could get Joe to listen. Well, if we had a lobbyist and we gave him lots of money towards his re-election campaign.

We have a different strategy for 2008 though. We are building a grassroots effort to replace Joe. We have been getting great support from the community.

If you want to help us
get Joe Knollenberg out of Congress,
contact us at

Meanwhile, notice all the anti-Knollenberg websites that are popping up these days like and No wonder Joe is so nervous these days.


Eric said...

wow you people complain about everything. No direct email address? heaven forbid you write a letter or make a phone call.

or you could be proactive and go to the house write your reps website at

i know that could be difficult and all, but maybe youll get the hang of it...

best of luck!

Bruce Fealk said...

So, Eric, how are you related to Trent Wisecup? Are you a son, nephew, or maybe just a pseudonym for Trent Wisecup.

Eric said...

Bruce, i hate to disappoint, but no.

the "vast" right wing conspiracy happens to be vast. Not limited to one person, as you seem to think.

I think joe does a great job for the people of the 9th CD

Chet said...

Hey, fealk, do you think everyone takes orders from Wisecup?

Come on. I'm a real person too and agree that Knollenberg does a great job for us. And there are more that don't bother to waste their time here. I find you humorous though, so every now and then...