Thursday, May 10, 2007

kNOllenberg is kNO Moderate

MSNBC is reporting that 11 "moderate" Republicans met with President Bush on Wednesday to let him know that he had no credibility on the war in Iraq and that as far as they were concerned, their districts would be okay with "losing" in Iraq.

These guys are clearly running scared.

This information is important for 2 reasons.

First, the participants are a block of moderate House Republicans known as the "Tuesday Group". Joe Knollenberg is not a member of that group. In other words, even the moderates in Congress consider Joe Knollenberg to be too extreme.

Second, the participants went to let Bush know that they are not going to continue to give him a blank check for an indefinite war. Knollenberg was not a part of the group challenging Bush. Instead, Joe Knollenberg just rubber stamps his approval of anything Bush wants for Iraq.

This is a hot issue right now as Congress debates legislation in light of Bush's veto of the last Supplemental funding bill. This issue is the prime focus of Washington DC. This issue is of great concern to all Americans.

Except Joe Knollenberg.

Reading Joe Knollenberg's website, one wouldn't even know there was a war in Iraq. Joe Knollenberg doesn't even list "IRAQ" as an "ISSUE" on his website. There is no discussion of strategy, or changes in strategy. There is no discussion. Period.

Joe Knollenberg is out of touch on Iraq.

Joe Knollenberg's position on Iraq is Wrong.

Joe Knollenberg is Too Extreme For Oakland County.

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