Monday, May 07, 2007

Why Has Joe Knollenberg Been Silent on These Key Issues?

Why is Joe Knollenberg silent about George Bush's Blunders?

Here is just a starter list of Bush's Blunders:

Afghanistan Falling Back into Taliban Hands
Tora Bora
Aluminum Tubes
Ahmed Chalabi
Greeted as Liberators
Jessica Lynch
Jack Abramoff
Bob Ney
Jay Garner
Mission Accomplished
Duke Cunningham
Bring 'em On
Dead or Alive
Go it alone
Abu Ghraib
Walter Reed
Pat Tillman
Valerie Plame
Donald Rumsfeld
The Economy
New Orleans
Military Contractors
Body Armor
When they stand up, we'll stand down
Price of Gas
the "Surge"
3,346 Americans killed
26,188 Americans wounded
the 1,458 days the United States has occupied Iraq

Joe Knollenberg has failed to show even a modicum of leadership on any of these issues.

Joe Knollenberg Is NOT A Leader. Oakland County Deserves A Leader in Congress.

Fire Joe Knollenberg. 2008

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