Thursday, May 03, 2007

Voters Express Disappointment In Joe Knollenberg

A recent spate of letters to the editor are illustrative of the frustration and disappointment that voters in Oakland County share over Congressman Joe Knollenberg's obedience to President Bush and lobbyists.

These are powerful. This is democracy in action.

I encourage everyone to write letters to the editor, and to Joe Knollenberg directly, so that someday, all of our voices will be heard.

Knollenberg's voting record on issues relating to women's rights, environmental protection and safe gun laws are all 100 percent negative. I know that his voting record on Iraq spending follow Bush's leadership precisely. He's been guilty of taking favors and campaign funding from lobbyists. These are not opinions, but easily verified facts. It is up to voters to form their opinion about "the smart, effective, common-sense approach of our Congressman Joe Knollenberg." I hope they will make their decisions based on performance, and not their favorite pundit's arguments.
Anyone with half a brain and a clue would realize that the only hope the auto industry has right now is to improve government regulations and CAFE standards on all vehicles made in the United States. When surveyed, most UAW workers were in favor of these changes that would result in the future of their jobs.
Shame on Joe Knollenberg and his "out of town band of supporters" . . . for backing these insane standards for our country. The only hope Michigan has is to send Joe Knollenberg and his absolutely clueless supporters packing.

Quite a few folks in Joe Knollenberg's district are unhappy with his stances, and don't mind saying so.

Joe Knollenberg has had years to present his positions. None of them match the flurry of activity shown on the papers of recent date. Too little; too late -- and disingenuous to boot.

R.M., Rochester Hills

It boils down to whether you like the kind of leadership and direction of Bush, Knollenberg and the Republicans or not. I do not.

M.S., Clawson

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