Wednesday, May 02, 2007

What Knollenberg Thinks is Important

Bloggers, particularly political bloggers, are generally pretty passionate about the topics they cover. Many do extensive research -- well beyond the type of investigative reporting done by most major newspapers today.

In short, bloggers write about things that are important to them. Looking at the headlines from Joe Knollenberg's blog, we can see what is important to him -- not much.

  • The Hemi-Hybrid: 40 percent better highway fuel economy!
  • The Yen, Domestic Content, and Toyota
  • Detroit Basketball!
  • It’s time for the Democrats to stop playing politics with the war!
  • 92nd Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide
  • Clean Diesel Beats the Prius on Mileage
  • Stop the Canadian Trash
  • The Hybrid Center
  • The Great Lakes are Magnificent
  • Manufacturing is Cool!
  • Toyota and the Detroit TigersU.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Spirit of Enterprise Award
  • Karmanos on the importance of the auto industry
  • Tigers’ Attitude
  • Diesels: A Big Part of the Solution
  • Beaumont: Center of Medical Excellence
  • Orion Assembly Center Tour
  • The Pickup Truck Tax!
  • Presidential Candidates Should Understand Manufacturing
  • GM’s Big Move to Small Chevys
  • Go Tigers!

Kind of odd headlines from a Congressman. They are not original stories. Most of them are merely links to stories in the Freep or the News -- as though without his help, voters would never think to read the newspapers.

The sports entries are particularly interesting. Is Knollenberg a cheerleader or a Congressman.

He certainly isn't a leader. There isn't an original idea in any of those entries.

We deserve A Representative in Congress that is a leader, not a follower.

Joe Knollenberg is Out of Touch with Voters in Oakland County.

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