Saturday, July 14, 2007

Americans Against the Escalation Rally in Lansing, MI

On Friday, July 13, 50 citizens of the state of Michigan joined together telling our Repubican Congressmen that voted again on July 12, to continue the catastrophe in Iraq please, please stop the madness. Please pass this message along to Joe Knollenberg, Thaddeus McCotter, Fred Upton, Mike Rogers and Vern Ehlers and tell them you want to bring our troops home and that they need to vote with the close to 70% of Americans that are tired of this ill-begotten war.

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michigan3 said...

Thanks for posting this important clip. The Iraq Summer campaign has targeted Vernon Ehlers, however, in addition to the four whose names appear as tags on this site. As an organizer in Grand Rapids, I would appreciate your adding Ehlers to the list.