Tuesday, July 17, 2007

How corrupt is Joe Knollenberg?

You can judge for yourself. I've been researching Joe Knollenberg's campaign finance report. Guess who shows up on Joe's list of donors, Jerry Lewis, not the comedian, but the congressman from California who is under investigation in connection with the Duke Cunningham case. You can read the Washington Post story by clicking here.
Apparently Jerry Lewis is another Catholic boy that needs to atone for his sins. Here he is with the Pope. Maybe the Pope took Mr. Lewis' confession.

Some other interesting donors on Joe's campaign finanance report, contributions from Wal-Mart. Maybe that would explain Joe's vote recently against the Employee Free Choice Act, which would have let employees join unions more easily. Another contributor is General Dynamics Corporation, one of the largest defense contractors in the county. That might explain Joe's steadfast support for George W. Bush's war. Joe also used his campaign funds to purchase $806 of Detroit Tiger tickets. I wonder who Joe was entertaining at the expense of his campaign. Some other intersting contributors, eBay Corporation and Daimler Chrysler.

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