Friday, July 20, 2007

Knollenberg Leads The Pack in Pork Barrel Spending

Knollenberg is currently bragging about his Pork Barrel/earmark spending on his website.

He is trying to make it look like he is "helping" us. But the real story is that he is just a Big Pork Barrel Spender.

One of Knollenberg's recent Pork projects was to give the Troy Chamber of Commerce $150,000 in taxpayer money so they could buy a solar greenhouse. (A "solar" greenhouse? Is there some other kind?)

What is Knollenberg Hiding?
While promoting a few of his pork barrel projects, Joe Knollenberg refuses to release a list of ALL the earmarks he has secretly slipped into appropriations.

CNN recently did a survey of every member of Congress to see what earmarks they have secretly slipped into legislation. Knollenberg refused to even respond!?!

Knollenberg's reputation is that of a BIG SPENDER.
The Citizens Against Government Waste tracks earmarks and they recently highlighted Knollenberg's "egregious" spending.

Of course one of Knollenberg's most famous earmarks is the one where he slipped an $8 million earmark in for one of his biggest campaign contributors. Classic Joe.

Oakland County Cannot Afford Joe Knollenberg.


Chet said...


Here's the spending:

$150,000 for the Troy Chamber of Commerce to purchase a solar green house from Lawrence Tech University in the district of House THUD Appropriations Subcommittee Ranking Member Joseph Knollenberg (R-Mich.);

Now, I thought MoveOn and Bruce Fealk would support both global warming control measures, and research in green technology. I don't know exactly how this solar green house is going to be used, but its being sold by 1) Lawrence Tech, so it research related, 2) the use might be legitimate.

And if this is the best CAGW can do in "waste," then they need new researchers. Certainly, the CAGW people should explain why this is egregious, more than just posting the line-item.

And finally, it sounds like Joe got some of our money back. Sure, it shouldn't be taxed in the first place, but you're for higher taxes too, aren't you? And once the federal money is taken from us, at least Joe is trying to get some of it back to us. Keep publicizing this one, Bruce. It makes Joe look good on several counts (of course, all you'll publish is the word "egregious" without context).

With Liberty & Justice for all . . . said...

Knollenberg gave money to the Troy Chamber of Commerce, not Lawrence Tech.

There is no legitimate reason for a member of Congress to set aside money for a local Chamber of Commerce.

This is just another example of Knollenberg's wasteful spending and Corporate welfare.

We need someone in Congress who will fight to reduce our trade and budget deficit -- and especially the huge national Debt that Knollenberg has created over the past 6 years.