Thursday, September 20, 2007

Joe ignores supboena in Duke Cunningham corruption case

Joe Knollenberg has been subpoenaed to testify in the case of Randal "Duke" Cunningham. What does he plan to do? He's planning on ignoring the legal document requiring him to testify in the case. Here's the item from the Detroit Free Press Politically Speaking column on Thursday, September 20.

Trent Wisecup says Cunningham is a crook and ought to go to jail, yet Joe and Trent obviously don't think George Bush and Dick Cheney are crooks in the way they've conducted foreign policy, ignoring subpoenas in the attorney firing case, the president issuing thousands of signing statements, saying he doesn't have to obey laws properly passed by the Congress. I guess what's good for the President is good for the Congressmen. The law means nothing to Joe Knollenberg.

Congressmen likely to ignore subpoenas

Don't expect Michigan congressmen Joe Knollenberg and Pete Hoekstra to come running to the defense of a military contractor accused of bribing former California Republican Rep. Randy (Duke) Cunningham, even though they've been subpoenaed -- along with 12 other members of Congress -- to do so.

None of the 13 plans to show up at Brent Wilkes' Oct. 2 trial, as the House's legal counsel has told them not to do, apparently determining that the subpoenas are overly broad.

In case you're wondering why the two from Michigan would receive calls, here's the likely reason: Knollenberg, R-Bloomfield Township, served on the Appropriations Committee with Cunningham and had an office next to his. Hoekstra, R-Holland, was chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, on which Cunningham also served.

Cunningham is serving an eight-year prison term following his guilty plea to taking millions of dollars in bribes from Wilkes and others for government contracts.

Said Knollenberg's chief of staff, Trent Wisecup, of Wilkes: "We think the guy's a crook and he ought to go to jail."


Chet said...

The Freep headline was wildly out of context, but you've taken it a step farther. Why was Joe subpoena'd?

From the clip itself:

Joe "... had an office next to his."

If that's not a fishing expedition, I don't know what is. I think I'll subpoena every Democrat state legislator tomorrow and see if the judge doesn't laugh at me, or any of the legislators show up.

Bruce Fealk said...

You must have missed the part where Joe got $5000, from Brent Wilkes.