Saturday, September 22, 2007

Now this is funny. Mike Brownfield (Joe's campaign manager)now playing at the Comedy Castle.

Mike Brownfield ought to try out at the comedy club. Joe Knollenberg standing up for American workers. Joe Knollenberg stands up for the CEO's, not the American workers. Did you know GM held a fundraiser for Joe Knollenberg? Joe raised over $50,000 from the high level executives while executives at Delphi, a GM subsidiary, cut the salary of workers in half for new hires at Delphi. Is that standing up for American workers? Joe Knollenberg's policies are ass backwards for the American worker. Did Joe Knollenberg lift one finger to protect the salaries of the workers at Delphi? Joe Knollenberg may protect the salaries of high level executives, but he doesn't give a damn about the salaries of the men and women that work hard every day at factories around Oakland county.

Mike, you might want to send the audition video into Last Comic Standing. I couldn't stop laughing.

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