Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bruce on The Young Turks

I made an appearance on The Young Turks this morning. Here's the video.


TLW said...

Hi Bruce,

Joe has one of the most vibrant and active Armenian communities in the country in his district. The Armenian Genocide was a terrible event in our nation's history that deserves its proper recognition. It was Hitler who famously said who remembers the Armenians when he was ramping up the Holocaust.

Joe takes genocide and human rights violations very seriously. That's why he supports the Armenian Genocide Resolution.

So does Speaker Pelosi ... that's one that Joe and her agree on.

Why are you against giving the Armenian Genocide its proper recognition?

If we don't remember the past, we are destined to repeat it.

As to your comments about where I live ... I live in Birmingham, Michigan. I am married to a great woman who is half Turkish.

I treat women with the respect and dignity they deserve. Ask any of the women who work in Knollenberg's office. They know me the best because next to my wife they spend the most time with me.

I tell you one thing, pal. I would never protest a congressman's wife at her home to make a political point.

As to the USA Today reporter, I sent him your way. Sunshine is the best disinfectant. The more you talk the better it is for Knollenberg.

Keep yappin, Brucester. The credibility of the Moveon.org movement is dropping as I type.

TLW said...

I meant to say that the Armenian Genocide was one of the worst events in world history. The typo actually works out ... Now I get to post again to yoru site to let people in Oakland County know that you are mocking a very important piece of legislation to a lot of people in Oakland County.

Ask the thousands of Armenians in Michigan 9 how they feel about the Armenian Genocide resolution Brucester.

TLW said...

Oops ... I made another typo. Since we're getting so personal, Brucester. Part of the reason I have problems typing is because I have MS and lost numbness in my hands due to an attack last spring.

You going to continue attacking Knollenberg for having the wrong position on stem cell research. I wouldn't work for anyone who didn't support research into the cures that will fix my chronic disease. But adult stem cells are the way to go, Brucester.

Embryonic is destroying human life and it hasn't shown any real progress.

Let's go with the quickest route to the cures.

Gosh ... this is fun. We're getting famous together.

I think I am going to come out of this exchange smelling like a rose.

You are going to be exposed for what you really are.

TLW said...

Oops ... I did it again. I get excited when I type, but the "numbness" in my hands related to my MS often leads to typos. I am sorry. But I've been waiting to confront your callous remarks about research into chronic illnesses and Congressman Knollenberg's smart position for a long time ... so I will slow up and get this one right.

TLW said...


Cat got your tongue. Still waiting to hear why you're opposed to the Armenian Genocide passing the House of Representatives.

Do you not believe the current Iranian dictator when he says he wants to wipe Israel from the face of the earth and destroy America?

Hasn't the history of Nazism, Communism, and Fascism taught America that if we don't stand up against the evils of tyranny that terror will rein down upon innocent people?

Do you not think that radical Islam presents a clear and present danger to the United States, Israel, and free people everywhere?

Do you not believe that people can have differences of opinions on political matters, but still be good people with honest differences?

Why are you such a hater, Brucester?

Why so venomous towards Congressman Knollenberg? A member of Congress with courage, compassion, and the ability to deliver for Michigan.

Look yourself in the mirror and ask those questions, Brucester.

Do you really want your life to be about stalking a member of Congress, his wife, and their staff?

Do better, Brucester. You can do it, pal.

Put all that passion towards something good.

If you want to defeat Knollenberg, go work for one of his opponents and do it tough and honest, but above the board.

Knock off the gotcha cameras and staged protests. They stink and everyone knows they stink.

You've lectured us for the better part of two years.

This is my lecture back to you.


Trent Wisecup

Chet said...

Bruce has insulted that vote on another item, and there's no question that's what Joe was referring to in his pointed retort on the videotape pointing that out.

Good point asking Bruce to defend himself on this one. Bruce doesn't like to answer questions though - he can dish them out, but can't take them.

Bruce Fealk said...

At least I let you guys post comments, which is more than Joe does on his blog. I have video to back up the fact that I have not been threatening in any way whatsoever to the reasonable person.

Bruce Fealk said...

By the way, Trent, are you still smelling like a rose after your appearance on Countdown with Keith Olbermann last night?

Weaseldog said...

Trent, who did you attack last year and why would you injure yourself that way?

I am sorry that you have MS. You do realize that embryonic stem cells get killed anyway, right? We don't have the massive Star Wars type cloning planets necessary to bring them all to full term. Our planet couldn't support all of them anyway.

I'll support the move on Turkey to punish the living for what people are dead did, if you'll support a bill giving the American Indians back all of their native lands.

Our efforts at genocide against the native Americans is a horrible black mark in history and we deserve as much to be punished as Turkey does.

Trent, would you like to define your argument that people who want peace and abhor violence are anti-American terrorists and that people who love war and the slaughter of other people in Iran are patriots? How did you decide that Iran decides who is an American and who isn't?

And what kind of person is driven into such a rage that they want to expand a war and kill millions of people? How can such a person define someone else as a hater? I think a person like you who loves the slaughter of war is probably not the best judge of who a hater is, especially when you think that people promoting peace, love and understanding are haters.

Chet said...

Weaseldog, the left has for some time now tried to sell the idea that our treatment of the American Natives was "genocide". There certainly are incidents of brutality - and a long history of warfare - but the brutality went in multiple directions (inter-and-intra-tribal violence was also brutal, and resulted in a large chunk of native deaths). There certainly were a large number (more than died in the native wars) of natives that lost their lives to European-borne diseases, but you certainly can't blame that number of deaths on Europeans acting with "malice". And there were certainly individual acts of murder and retaliation by natives and against natives, for which the individuals were morally culpable. And there were ongoing wars between US troops and native tribes, as there were also formal treaties (many of those treaties remain in force today, and we have a system that recognizes tribal "sovereignty").

All said, the history of US - tribal relations is enormously complicated and resembles warfare more than it does genocide. Can you point to a government policy that seeks to eradicate tribal peoples, either expressly or through design? And what of their counter-brutality towards us? Or inter-tribal brutality?

I don't think Knollenberg is condeming or seeking punishment for modern Turks for the Armenian genocide of a century ago. A declaratory recognition of the genocide is hardly punishing modern Turks in any meaningful way (and I think we should acknowledge our own historical "sins", including slavery, which my ancestors fought and died to repeal, and the excesses of war with Native Americans). But I'm glad to see you believe we shouldn't try to attribute those sins to different individuals now living - and that, I assume, means you joined with us on Proposal 2, which prohibits exactly that kind of inter-temporal punishment for one's ancestor's activities.

Weaseldog said...

Chet, so you are arguing that no native American tribes were obliterated by settlers of European descent?

You are very good at cherry picking, in order to come to an erroneous conclusion.

I hope you're not of draft age. This resolution is designed to heat up the waters and get the US into an escalation. the draft is coming back. Our leaders are hard at work on it. And you are helping.

Soon you may be able to fight and die for your beliefs.

Edgar Hagopian said...

I don't know why you so proudly use the name,"YOUNG TURKS". They were the ones responsible for the Armenian Genocide. They were tried in abstentia by the Attaturk regime and sentenced to death by hanging.They all died violent deaths On second thought, maybe the name is appropriate.

Bruce Fealk said...

The Young Turks is a radio show on Air America. It's used in its colloquial term. Also, my son-in-law is Turkish and he's a great guy that is the father of my granddaughter. Back off.