Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Uh-oh, Joe gets campaign money from Phillip Morris

Remember the part in the video of Trent where he accuses me of being a lobbyist for Phillip Morris. Look what I found so far from the 2000 campaign cycle.

JOE KNOLLENBERG (R - MI)Detailed Contributor Breakdown2000 ELECTION CYCLE
Agribusiness: $20,850
Crop Production & Basic Processing
Detroit Produce Terminal
American Sugar Cane League
American Sugarbeet Growers Assn
Southern Minn Beet Sugar Co-op
Philip Morris
RJ Reynolds Tobacco
Dairy Farmers of America
Agricultural Services/Products
Michigan Farm Bureau
Food Processing & Sales
Melody Foods Inc
General Mills
Kellogg Co

I wonder how much more money Joe received from Big Tobacco.


Weaseldog said...

What hypocrisy.

Weaseldog said...

Hey Trent, you're becoming famous. Millions of people are watching you now.

Blogs all over the world are linking to your video. Even mine.

You're famous!

Is it true that you and Joe planned this and did this on purpose?

This is Joe Knollenbergs' Howard Dean moment.

giles29 said...

The idea that the Congressman and Trent feel that behaving in the manner Trent did is just as acceptable as calling us "un-american". I wonder how Thaddeus will treat me in the near future. Hey, I will be covering all of this likely tonight over at