Friday, October 12, 2007

Joe has government provided health care, why not the children?

Joe Knollenberg gets free health care provided by the taxpayers of the country. Why won't he vote to provide it to our most vulnerable citizens, our children?

CLICK HERE to listen to the radio ad running in the 9th Congressional District.


MIKE said...

In the interest of accuracy, Knollenberg's health insurance is not free. I believe it is the same as mine was when I worked in the federal sector - that is about 2/3 was covered by the government and 1/3rd of the premium is paid by the recipient. However, when you retire from federal service, those numbers are reversed. All that not withstanding, the Federal Employees Health Benefit Program would be an ideal program to initiate the universal health coverage so many of we progressives believe in.

Joel said...

Additionally, S-CHIP programs are not free to families who enroll. They make insurance affordable -- just like the federal program does for Rep. Knollenberg. So I am not sure why he and his campaign are going around lying about S-CHIP.