Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Joe's column is a waste of ink

Joe Knollenberg got another guest column in the Oakland Press this morning. Did he take the opportunity to explain his vote not to expand the State Children's Health Insurance Program? No! Did he use the space to announce legislation to help the middle class that has been decimated by Republican fiscal policy? No!

Instead he wastes ink to commend an elementary school for exemplary performance which he had nothing to do with. I assume he wants us to think something he did had something to do with the success of the school. The reality is that Republican policies are adversely affecting our public schools and making it harder to educate our children.

Joe fears nothing more than an informed electorate. If we all pay attention to Joe Knollenberg's votes and policies we will recognize Joe Knollenberg is in favor of the policies of the worst presidency in the history of America. November 2008 is our opportunity to show Joe Knollenberg the door.

We have real problems in this country and Joe Knollenberg isn't offering solutions to any of them.

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