Thursday, October 25, 2007

Joe's message to children, DROP DEAD!

Well, I'll say one thing for Joe Knollenberg, he's stubborn, maybe even as stubborn as George W. Bush. Joe voted against the SCHIP again today. Even though there is overwhelming support for expanding this hugely successful program, Joe voted against the children. Joe's slogan, Warfare, not health care. I have a feeling Joe is going to pay dearly, with his job, for this vote against the children. Maybe Joe just doesn't care any more. He knows he won't be re-elected next November, so he just doesn't care what voters think any more. That's all that makes sense to me any more. I personally called Joe's office today asking him to vote for the children. All I got was a polite, "I'll pass your message along to the Congressman." Another example of Joe's tin ear.

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MIKE said...

Is this what the Republicans mean by being "Pro-life"!!! Hypocrates!