Friday, October 26, 2007

No amount of money is going to help Joe this time

The story below appeared in today's Detroit News. But no amount of money is going to help Joe Knollenberg this time around. He's on the wrong side of every major issue, the war, SCHIP, warrantless wiretapping, Social Security, health care. His message is falling on deaf ears, except among the 24% of the country that still support the failed leadership of George W. Bush.

Detroit News

Friday, October 26, 2007
Decision 2008

GOP rep expected to face tough race
National campaign leader says voters are upset with incumbents, but he predicts Knollenberg will keep seat.
Charlie Cain / Detroit News Lansing Bureau
The head of the National Republican Congressional Committee conceded Thursday that veteran U.S. Rep. Joe Knollenberg of Bloomfield Hills faces a tough ride in his re-election bid next year, adding that voters are in an anti-Washington, anti-incumbent mood.

But U.S. Rep. Tom Cole of Oklahoma, who heads the committee, believes Knollenberg will defeat his Democratic opponent, most likely Gary Peters, the former state lottery czar who is piling up cash and endorsements.

The battle in Oakland County figures to be the most hotly contested of Michigan's 15 congressional races.

"Michigan is going to be a very competitive state presidentially, as it has been the last couple of times," Cole said in a conference call with political reporters.

But he said Knollenberg, first elected in 1992, should prevail. "I don't see people at the end of the day defeating a guy who is that senior, that well prepared and that well respected."

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