Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Joe, What Good is a Cutting Edge Cancer Center...

... if people can't afford to get treatment there? Joe Knollenberg's web site brags about how Joe helped get funding for a cutting edge cancer center. But guess what, even people that have insurance may not be able to receive the treatment afforded by this center if we don't change the way we pay for health care. Please read yesterday's post about Fred Holling, who is now in the hospital and needs treatment that his Blue Cross policy won't pay for. He's having to hold spaghetti dinners to try to raise the money needed to get the treatment he needs to stay alive.

Joe Knollenberg's health car plan consists of a $200 tax credit that goes to employers, not the employee, for having wellness programs. Please tell me, Joe, what good does that do for a person that gets cancer and their policy doesn't cover their treatment, someone like Fred Holling, who played by all the rules, but still can't get the treatment he needs.

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MIKE said...

Spot on Bruce.