Friday, November 30, 2007

Trent Wisecup Fired?

I got word today that there is a rumor that Trent Wisecup is no longer working for Joe Knollenberg. I sent an e-mail to Trent's address and it bounced back, another indication that Trent is no longer employed by the Knollenberg camp. It's a good thing Trent is on his wife's health care, what with all the medication he needs, now that he's been diagnosed as being bi-polar and undoubtedly he'll be needing psychiatric care, which isn't cheap either. Without his wife's health care, Trent would know what it's like to be one of the 47 million (37 million if you believe Trent) without health care coverage. I'm going to miss you, Trent.


MIKE said...

Let us see if we can fire his boss as well come next November.

Chet said...

Bruce, you are a low human being to revel in the destruction of another human being.

Let's assume your rumor is true? Isn't that what you thought would be the right thing? That's what you demanded?

I thought you wanted to "return to the issues?" Or is that only when the personal issues reveal the lack of relationship you have with your family? You are a hypocrite. This post is all about a distraction from the issues that you have created - its about the politics of, and your gloating over, personal destruction.

Who knows what the truth is and who cares. Maybe you should tell your mother about the man you claim credit for destroying. Would she be proud? Is it the most pressing thing on her mind?

This is not to say Trent didn't deserve criticism for losing his cool with you. It is to say proportion is important. Even with your cohort, Dennis Lennox, and his foil Dean Pamela Gates, I never recommended firing her (although some discipline should have occurred), although I'm suspect there were other factors with Trent that weren't present with Gates.

A couple nights ago, someone suggested one difference between Republicans and Democrats was that Republicans understand that there is more to life than politics, and Democrats desire to shape everyone else's lives with politics. That's why we are "conservative" - its why we are more civil - its why our activists behave differently. Sure, I know there are exceptions to this rule on both sides - but when it comes down to it, I'll walk away from politics (perhaps that is really what defines Fred Thompson's "non-campaign"). It's time for Trent to step back from politics and take care of himself, and his family. Like his actions or not, he's made more impact than Bruce Fealk ever will.

Bruce Fealk said...

I didn't destroy him. He destroyed himself, Chet. And losing your job is not destroying anyone, it's just a job. I'm sure he'll bounce back. Some other mean spirited Republican would love to have Trent on the payroll. He's like Karl Rove, some other politician is probably looking for a bully right now to try to smack some hapless Democrat around.

I dont' think I ever recommended or demanded that Joe fire Trent, although Trent's behavior was outrageous. I do think Joe should have stepped up to the plate and apologized for Trent's behavior and if I had been his boss and Trent behaved that way, I would have fired him on the spot.

As far has Trent's impact, yes, he's made an impact, but the wrong kind of impact. Trent's behavior has helped Joe down to his 33% approval rating. Trent's been a bully all his life, as best I can determine, and represents the worst politics has to offer in this country. He just didn't like it when someone had the temerity to fight back against his precious ideals that only the furthest right wing politically in this country share.

As far as Dennis Lennox, there is no camaraderie on my part with Dennis Lennox. He doesn't give a whit about issues. He is ALL about personal destruction.

Gary Peters has a right to earn a living. The university and Gary came to an agreement and he's fulfilling his contract and Dennis doesn't care one bit about Gary's stand on issues like the war or health care or any other important issue of the day. He is all about getting Gary to resign or fired and putting Gary in a negative light. That's it.

Dennis Lennox was the president of a group that has been labeled a hate group and it shows through in all his actions.

You think Republicans are civil. I had no idea comedy was among your skills, Chet. You call attacking 2 and 12-year-old children civil?

Republicans are anything but civil, Chet, at least the iteration of people that call themselves Republican these days. You just don't like it when someone on the other side stands up to you and your ilk and keeps standing up and gets in your face and holds you accountable for your destructive policies.

My relationship with my family is none of your business, Chet. And it has nothing to do with the issues here.

You are right about one thing, this post is a little bit of a distraction, but I guess after all the serious posts on the issues, I needed a little diversion myself.

As far as my impact, Chet, I suspect that my impact will be measured next November at the ballot box, when a Democrat starts to represent the 9th Congressional district and starts to get this country back on track, restoring our civil liberties, starts to deal with the massive debt Republicans have rung up, really starts dealing with terrorism, brings our troops home from Iraq, stops the spying on Americans and stops the politics of fear that has reigned for the last 7 years.

Chet said...

I didn't say that Trent wasn't responsible for whatever came upon him. I noted that you were reveling in it, and that is low.

What the election next year will measure has nothing to do with you. It will measure the difference Joe and Gary make to voters. Unless you want to run yourself.

I have no problem with you speaking your mind. I find you to be kind of funny and pathetic.

Peters has a right to earn a living. But not a right to "sweetheart deals" with government that pay him 50% more than genuine full-time assistant professors for one-fifth the work so that he has time to both run and get paid full-time. Regular citizens don't get those deals - Gary shouldn't. Lennox has a legitimate beef on that issue - some of his other issues have been stretches.

Bruce Fealk said...

I'm not reveling in it, Chet.

Did you revel in the Bill Clinton impeachment or William Jefferson being caught with $90,000 in his refrigerator? Just asking.

Bruce Fealk said...

Considering how much time our legislators spend actually legislating, I'd say they have a sweetheart deal too.