Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Knollenberg to Speak to Hispanic Republicans 11/26

I wonder what kind of questions Joe Knollenberg will get about his stance on immigration at this event given his stance on illegal immigration. Seems like Joe might have some splaining to do to his Hipanic constituency. English as the official language?

Nov 26th – Hispanic Community and Leadership Meet and Greet US Congressman Joe Knollenberg: 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.; Jalepeno’s Restaurant; 812 Baldwin Ave; Pontiac, MI


Chet said...

You make some laughable assumptions about the Hispanic community voting as a monolithic group and all having the same opinions on these two issues.

I suspect Hispanics want "border security" just like all or most Americans (and just like most Americans of non-Hispanic origin want fair immigration to continue).

As to English as an official language, I suspect you'll find that issue more divided but there are ton of Hispanics who support English immersion and English-only, as a practical and positive step.

Bruce Fealk said...

Chet, I didn't make any assumptions, Chet. I am of the opinion though that the majority of the Hispanic community won't support making English the official language, which disenfranchises Spanish speaking people, allows the government to not have to print bi-lingual ballots, etc.

Chet said...

Bruce, there are over a hundred spoken languages in the world, and the US has immigrants from every nation of the world.

Should our ballots be printed in every language on the planet to prevent someone from being "disenfranchised"? Where do we draw the line? Do you understand what "disenfranchised" means? Printing in English does not take away the right of a citizen to vote even if they only speak English - they can ask for assistance at the ballot box as well as bring their own translator - voting has not been denied in that situation. Germans and Poles and Slavs and others first generation Americans weren't disenfranchised from the vote - they either learned the language or sought the help of friends and family while learning it. There's a reasonable interest in a nation having a common, unifying language -- in America no one has ever been forced to speak it, but it is is the language of official business and custom.

You simply want to make it easier for 11 million or more illegal votes to occur because you believe your group (Democrats) has an edge with that group (Hispanics), or would gain an edge with the group by offering or making it easier for them to vote illegally. You argument - like race preferences - is nothing less than group warfare. America can be divided into "blocs" and conquered in this vision - individuals are no longer relevant as they are merely components of their groups.

And yes, you make the assumption, though you label it an opinion, that the "majority of the Hispanic community won't support" it. Do you have polling? I suspect that they would if there was a COHERENT IMMIGRATION POLICY that allowed relatively open immigration but was secure and was fair to Hispanics as a whole. There is no coherent policy now, so I don't know what anyone would think if a reasonable one was in place and that was part of the deal.

I'm all for tolerance and embracing the Hispanic culture - in fact, its a culture that you'd find surprisingly socially conservative.

Americans of all stripes have embraced the culture of every immigrant that has come here, making it part of the whole. That will continue, hopefully, as it has for generations, with English as the language.

MIKE said...

Damn Chet, must be a full moon or something - I find myself agreeing with you - a bit. However, I make the observation, that Hispanics tend to resist assimulating in language and culture, that what has been homoginized as "American". Further, it may be a fair assumption, that there may be considerable resistance to any government action to seal the borders or expell illegals here. It is my understanding that there is a very extensive family connection among many here - legal or not - and those in Mexico and points south. As for Democrats wanting the Hispanic vote - neither party is immune from courting that group. So far the Republicans have been quite successful in Florida courting the Cuban exile vote.