Thursday, November 22, 2007

Progressives - for America

I love the Apple commercials that this commercial is patterned after. I think it's the simple, effective message that hits at the heart of the debate over what kind of country we want. I know what kind of country Joe Knollenberg wants. What about you?

Just for Comparison. Here's the Rantings of Trent Wisecup.


Chet said...

Unfortunately, its not true.

Conservatives passed the Civil Rights Act and almost all civil rights laws before and after it.

Also, the first well-known "progressive" was Teddy Roosevelt, a man that shares very little in common with modern progressives. The first "progressive movement" created laws such as rights to petition, and recall -- laws which "modern progressives" clearly thwart and subvert when the issues of the petition are against their interests and candidates being recalled are there own.

Bruce Fealk said...

So what happened to the Republican party, Chet?

Chet said...

By and large, it remains the party of the equality of human beings; it remains a party (back in the progressive era of the 10s and 20s petitioning had cross-partisan support) that honors the right of citizens to petition for reform or recall; and it honors a balanced commitment to preserve our environment and park system.

Nothing happened to Republicans.