Monday, December 31, 2007

385 days until a Democrat Represents Michigan's 9th District

Well, it's New Year's Eve and only 385 days until January 20, 2009, when a Democrat will finally start to represent the 9th Congressional District of Michigan.

I have done my best in 2007 to draw attention to Joe Knollenberg's voting record on things that Americans care about, like torture, the fiasco in Iraq, warrantless wiretapping andthe criminals in the White House and their above-the-law attitude toward the high office they hold. George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Joe Knollenberg all think that the presidency is their personal playground to do with what they will. Well, the American people have news for you, George, Dick and Joe, this country was founded on government of the people, by the people and for the people and 2008 will be the year that Americans remember this founding principle of our government and start to treat the U.S Constitution the way our founding fathers intended.

The long nightmare of the George W. Bush presidency can't be over soon enough for me, nor can the nightmare of Joe Knollenberg's representation of the 9th District of Michigan. Soon we will have a representative that actually cares about the people and not the corporations.


Chet said...

Bruce, you don't even know your civics well on the dates (Congresspersons not inaugurated the same day as the President), but it doesn't matter because Joe will retain the seat.

In 2007 you've certainly talked about stuff outside of Joe's voting record. Is their a new Bruce Fealk that's going stick to the record. New Year's resolutions not to exaggerate, twist, and lie?

Bruce Fealk said...

Joe is going down, Chet. Happy Democratic New Year. Here's to a Democratic Congress with super majorities in both houses and a Democratic President.

AikoAdam said...

Keep up the great work Bruce! You take it to the streets, and that is what we should all be doing!

MIKE said...

Hey Chet - quit with the hair splitting - you know what Bruce meant. I too think that Joe's record is abismal. Sorry Chet, when it comes to exagerating, twisting the truth, and outright lieing - Republicans have the market on it. You think Joe is doing a good job - fine, vote for him. I don't - and I won't.