Sunday, December 30, 2007

Joe brings home money for Woodward signs, but says no to money for children's health care

This article showed up in Friday's Free Press. So I guess residents are supposed to say thank you to Joe Knollenberg for bringing home money for signs for Woodward Avenue? Not me. Joe Knollenberg has let voters down on the big issues like health care, voting against expanding a government program that works, the State Children's Health Insurance Program. Thanks to Joe 9 million children won't be able to afford health care. He continues to vote with the President to fund the fiasco in Iraq. He votes for more invasion of our privacy by allowing President Bush to spy on Americans. He votes to allow the President to break international laws by allowing torture of prisoners, leaving American prisoners open to the same treatment by our enemies.

Joe Knollenberg bringing home a few hundred thousand dollars for signage for Woodward Avenue does not make up for all the damage he's heaped on our country. I'd gladly give up the money for the signs in exchange for bringing our soldiers home to their loved ones. I'd gladly give up signs for Woodward in exchange for him protecting our civil liberties. I'd gladly give up the signs for a vote for protecting the health of our children. What kind of human being is Joe Knollenberg that he thinks that signs are more important than children?

How many children will die needlessly that could have been covered by the $845,000 that Joe brought home for signs? Shame on you, Joe.

Fortunately I have health care coverage, so I can afford to say this, Joe, you make me sick.
Woodward Avenue beautification helped by federal grant

Woodward Avenue’s signs and tourist attractions will get a shot in the arm in the new year from a fresh round of federal transportation grants.

News of four grants totaling $845,000 came early this month in a letter from U.S. Rep Joe Knollenberg, R-Bloomfield Township.

The letter was being made public this week, said Debbie Schutt, a consultant for the nonprofit Woodward Avenue Action Association, which will implement the grant spending. The actual grant recipient is the Michigan Department of Transportation.

Knollenberg “was instrumental in getting this money,” said Schutt, who lives in Bloomfield Township one block from Woodward.

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MIKE said...

It is all about private contractors Bruce. Joe votes to spend taxpayer money that will go to private contractors, but not money that goes to the welfare of 'we the people'. That's all Republican politicians are today - conduits for fleesing the taxpayer to line the pockets of the wealthy.