Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I hope you're happy Joe. How many children will die because of your callousness?

This story makes me literally sick to my stomach, that the Democrats pass legislation extending health care to millions of children and Joe Knollenberg and his Republican colleagues vote the legislation down and then don't have the courage to override the President's veto of this important and life-saving program. What kind of country is this anyway, that leaves children without health care coverage? Pro-life my ass. Joe Knollenberg and the Republicans that voted against this bill are hypocrites of the worst variety.

Democrats Suffer Loss as House Extends SCHIP

by Julie Rovner

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All Things Considered, December 19, 2007 · The Democratic-led Congress on Wednesday officially waved the white flag of surrender on its top domestic issue: the State Children's Health Insurance Program, or SCHIP. Eleven months and two presidential vetoes after vowing to expand its reach, the House instead passed and sent to President Bush a bill that will essentially continue the program in its current form until 2009.


Cat Chew said...

Joe has the love of Philip Morris to keep him warm.

MIKE said...

Joe is just one cog in the obstructionist Republican spin machine. Next November can't come fast enough!! Time for change!