Thursday, December 13, 2007

Joe Votes to Allow Torture

Joe Knollenberg voted against banning waterboarding to interrogate detainees. Joe wants America to continue to break international law and against the Constitution of the United States.

This morning the House Republicans once again affirmed that they want the CIA to disobey international law AND use interrogation techniques proven to result in false or inaccurate intelligence. In short, the Republicans love torture.

The U.S. House of Representatives approved legislation to bar CIA agents from using waterboarding during the questioning of suspected terrorists...

The House, in a 222-199 vote, passed annual policy legislation for intelligence agencies that included the ban on the use of simulated drowning in interrogations.

``This would mean no more torture and no more questions about what the CIA is allowed to do behind closed doors,'' said Representative Jan Schakowsky, an Illinois Democrat...

The legislation approved by the House today would require that all U.S. spy agencies follow the Army Field Manual's interrogation standard, which doesn't authorize waterboarding or other harsh techniques.

To become law, the legislation approved today would have to be approved by the Senate, which hasn't scheduled a vote, and be signed by Bush, who has stated his opposition.

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MIKE said...

Waterboarding, voter surpression, corporatism, corruption - what do you expect from a Republican these days. They may not talk about Bush, but they vote lock-step in line with his criminal behavior. Time for change!