Friday, December 14, 2007

Republicans pass Christmas Resolution, but Joe votes against children's health care and for torture

I have to admit to being a little confused this morning. As Christmas approaches, it makes me wonder what the Christmas spirit really means and how Christian Republicans translate their faith into their political life. I wonder what Jesus would say about how the U.S. Congress voted yesterday. Congress approved a non-binding resolution recognizing the importance of Christmas in America. Yet the same people, Joe Knollenberg among them, twice voted against expanding health care to more of America's children, and he's for allowing torture by America's armed forces, CIA and contractors on behalf of the U.S. military and all Americans, for more war, threatening war with Iran, for more spying on Americans and countless other measures that go against the historical moral position of America, not to mention the President continuing to diminish the power of Congress in general and disrespecting the checks and balances the founding fathers wrote into the Constitution that Joe Knollenberg swore to uphold when took his oath of office while his right hand was on a bible.

But Republicans still try to claim the moral high ground based on their "pro-life" position on abortion, but justify their pro-capital punishment position somehow. "Faith" whatever that means in America today, has been a topic of much discussion in our presidential debates, even though the Republican party only has one candidate that is on his first marriage, and he's a Mormon. Rudy Giuliani's shortcomings (a polite word for corruption) are now coming to light. First it was the fact that his mistress had a security detail paid for with public funds. Yesterday it came to light that one of his clients was a company that provided data mining services to U.S. intelligence agencies and Rudy's company, Giuliani Partners was paid a commission by the company he helped and that that help consisted of setting up meetings with Vice President Cheney with the data mining company.

The most religious of the Republican candidates, Mike Huckabee, thinks women in this country should be subservient to their husbands and HIV patients should be put in quarantine.

How in the world did we get to this point in American politics?

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MIKE said...

Like the Dickens character, Scrooge, Republicans are selfish, greedy and worship money. Knollenberg fits that discription to the letter. Charity and compassion are empty platitudes to people like him. "Are there no prisons - are there no work houses"? Christians indeed!!