Friday, January 11, 2008

Did Joe get Yen maniupulation wrong?

I'm no economist, but this seems to make sense to me. It's Toyota combating Knollenberg's argument on yen manipulation.

Weak Yen or Strong Products?

We're going to take an overdue look at an old wives' tale that materializes rather like unwelcome ghosts from time to time.

It is that the Japanese government has somehow manipulated the value of its currency, the yen, to benefit Japanese-based companies that do business in the United States and Europe, holding it artificially low so that the manufacturers are able to realize what amounts to a subsidy on products they build in Japan and sell abroad.

Indeed, this tale of the manipulated yen is far more spectral than, say, Casper, Casper our friendly ghost of theatrical cartoon series fame. It raised its wispy head again late last year, this time in a letter from Rep. Joe Knollenberg (R., Mich.), published in the Wall Street Journal.

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MIKE said...

It is the same old story - Republicans blame everyone and everything but their own disasterous policies for what ails America.

Anonymous said...