Thursday, January 10, 2008

Right to Work is Wrong for Michigan

On Tuesday, January 15, primary election day in Michigan, you may run across people asking you to sign a petition to make Michigan a "Right to Work" state.


It will drastically affect you and your family in a negative way if Michigan were to become a "Right to Work" state. Watch this video.


MIKE said...

My union has been fighting Right to Work movements for 30 years at least. It is just another attempt by big business to bust unions. Like so many of the Republican labels such as "no child left behind", it does just the opposite of what the title implys. The novel by Orwell - 1984 - illistrates the diabolical wordsmithing that seems to have been adapted by Karl Rove and Republicans.

Dar said...

We need to protect our jobs.

We export a lot less than we import. Why? Because money that goes out to buy imports is not coming back to buy our exports. Why? Because the federal government is competing against our exports by borrowing that money.

The trade deficit is caused by the budget deficit.

Think on January 15: Who will reduce the budget deficit?

MIKE said...

I think it is much more complicated then JUST our deficit dar. I submit that outsourcing virtually all of our manufacturing base - and now many of our service jobs - overseas is the primary problem.

Christian Duque said...

Hello. My name's Christian Duque & I'm new to Michigan (attending TMCLS in Lansing) and glad to be here!

Introductions aside, I've lived most of my entire life in Florida, perhaps one of the best examples of "Right to Work" status. Let me just say there's nothing good about RTW, it strips workers of all rights and leaves them all-but-defenseless against unfair business practices.

I've heard all the arguments about how unions killed the auto industry in America. I can't even begin to refute that hogwash for a second, without pointing to our own government turning a blindeye to out-sourcing and bringing about more with NAFTA/GATT & the latest batch of "Free Trade Agreements."

I run a little blog over at and while I don't have much time on my hands, anything I can do from a grassroots level, please don't hesitate to let me know. Syndicalism has a very important place in our society, but Big Business interests will do whatever they can to counteract organized workers looking for a decent wage, I'm not even talking about socialism or any revolutionary concepts, just a decent wage to compensate them for their work.

For all the laughs All In The Family offered, there's a lot of truth in the song that read 'every man earned his way.' There was a time a guy could get a good f/t job, work hard, and provide for his family. Now that same guy works 2 jobs and plays relay race with his wife, taking them on his off-shift while his old lady goes out and works the 3rd. Times are tough in America, but thank goodness workers in states like Michigan have successfully repelled these RTW attempts...I only hope they continue to kick ass & I'm here to help.

great blog btw.

googleyes said...

It probably also has something to do with the fact that someone will do the factory work in Asia for less than $1 a day, while most Americans won't do menial work all day unless they receive a high rate of pay plus benefits. It's much easier for companies to exploit the workers in foreign countries, so that's where the companies move. Look at Nike. What does it cost to make a shoe in China? What would it cost here?