Monday, January 21, 2008

Joe Votes No on Improving Safety for Miners

This is unconscionable. The S-Miner Act would:

* Help prevent disasters. It would add new safeguards for a dangerous practice called “retreat mining.” It would strengthen standards to contain explosions and fires inside mines. It strengthens the enforcement hand of the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration, in part by giving the agency subpoena authority. It increases certain penalties against mine operators that violate the law. And it creates a miner ombudsman’s office to handle safety complaints from miners.

* Improve emergency response in the event that a disaster does occur. The legislation more clearly defines MSHA’s responsibilities and authority at the scene of a disaster. It requires MSHA to develop a plan to better coordinate with state and local authorities. It establishes rules for independent investigations of mining disasters. And it would improve safety technology in the mines, including better tracking and communications equipment, more reliable air supplies, and the installation of refuge chambers where trapped miners can safely await rescue.

* Reduce long-term health risks facing miners. The legislation updates standards to combat black lung disease and to reduce miners’ exposure to other deadly health risks, such as asbestos. It also strengthens rules to better inform miners of the health risks they face.

Our Congressman, Joe Knollenberg voted NO! How could you, Joe?

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MIKE said...

It is all connected to Cheney's energy cabal. The rich don't work the mines, they own them. Safety costs money. We all know that Joe votes for the Bush/Cheney gang. Nothing must interfer with profit - not even safety.