Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Knollenberg funded by Hezbollah?

From DebbieSchlussel.com

By Debbie Schlussel

When I heard Mitt Romney, a week ago Saturday Night, in the ABC debate, claim that he's the only candidate who "understands radical jihad," I scratched my head. He refuses to ask his church to stop funneling $20 million plus to a HAMAS charity, or even to say he disagrees with it. I like and respect Mormons, but not this outrageous funding decision by their church. Plus, he made anti-American statements when he headed the 2002 Salt Lake Games that jihadists would love. And then, there was his statement at the ABC debate that he will take the Muslim world into "modernity and moderation." But, does he really believe "modernity" equals moderation? Um, I guess he's never seen a jihadist website or been to Dubai. They are more modern than we are. It's just their ideology that's back in the 7th Century and good luck to Mitt in bringing it up to date. Oh, and don't forget Romney's previous statement at a town hall meeting that he "admires Hezbollah."

But now, I come to find out, that Hezbollah's key funder in Congress, Rep. Joe Knollenberg (R-Michigan), is a key Romney guy and has been hangin' with Romney all over Michigan for the last week. There he is on stage, denoted by a circle, in the picture below, from a Romney rally in the Detroit area yesterday.

Does Romney have problems with the fact that Knollenberg and his state legislator son, Marty Knollenberg, both took thousands in campaign contributions from Hezbollah's American agents, Nijad Fares and Abdullah Bouhabib, as I've repeatedly noted? Apparently Not. Does Romney have a problem with the fact that, to pay these egregious contributors back, Joe Knollenberg single-handedly (with Sen. Spencer Abraham on the Senate side) doled out at least $86 million of our tax money to Hezbollah in 2000, allowing Hezbollah to rebuild its strongholds in Southern Lebanon and expand? Apparently not.

Is Romney bothered that Joe Knollenberg put "Seeds of Peace"--a summer camp founded by Yasser Arafat's fave biographer--on the federal budget? Or that the camp, until recently run by Clintonista Aaron David Miller, discussed Holocaust denial as a legitimate theory and made Jewish campers and kids of Palestinian terrorists discuss that? Why is our tax money going to this camp in Maine? Ask Mitt Romney's favorite new Michigan Congressman?

Or ask Joe Knollenberg why millions in our federal money went to the jihadist, anti-Israel National Arab American Museum? He single-handedly went to bat for federal pork for this warehouse of enemy propaganda on our soil. And ask Romney why he has allies like this in Michigan.

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MIKE said...

The answer is simple - MONEY!. Scratch the surface of every Republican scandal, every Republican corruption, every Republican "my votes for sale" and at it's roots is money. It is their god. Principle, ethics, patriotism, and idiology is premised on the goal of obtaining wealth and power.