Friday, March 21, 2008

Doing some FOIA Requests of my own on Dennis Lennox

Probably most of the readers of this blog don't know who Dennis Lennox is. Dennis is a student at Central Michigan University who has literally been stalking Gary Peters as evidenced by the video below. This isn't the first video Dennis has taken of Gary, who is working as a professor at Central Michigan, as the Griffin Chair professor. Dennis obviously has been getting from the Michigan Republican Party, since Saul Anuzis has shown up at press conferences with Dennis with a giant Milk carton, which I have a feeling was paid for by the Michgian Republican Party, but I have no proof of that at this point.

Back in October, Dennis wanted to serve a FOIA request on Dean Pamela Peters. Dennis has made FOIA requests prior to this, so he knows that they don't have to be served personally. Dennis made quite a splash on the Internet with his 10 second video where Dean Gates pushes his camera away from her. Dennis has claimed on more than one occasion that Dean Gates "slapped him" even though there is no evidence of her ever having hit Dennis and the CMU investigation of the incident, after interview several witnesses to the incident, concluded that there was no actual physical contact. Dennis even testified, although it wasn't under oath, at a hearing in Alma regarding higher education funding, that Dean Gates slapped him. No witness has ever confirmed this slapping incident.

On top of the fact that no witness has ever confirmed this incident, Dennis himself when the university conducted its investigation of the incident, refused to be interviewed for the investigation.

After Dennis' 10 second video was put up on the Internet, Dean Gates received several e-mails, one of which said that had the Dean treated the sender in the same manner as Dennis was claiming the Dean treated Dennis, "I would have knocked your teath down your throat."

Dennis has pretty much gotten a free ride in the media on this issue, and the media has done no real investigation of Dennis' claims, but they have been taking his word that all of his claims are true.

Another claim that Dennis made in Alma was that his motivations are not political. He just wants Peters to choose between teaching and running for Congress. His logic here escapes me. According to Lennox, candidates for public office can't hold jobs and run for office at the same time. If that were the case, every member of Congress would have to resign from office when they start to campaign for re-election. All 3 of the presidential candidates are members of the Senate. Should they resign from the Senate to run for president?

In addition to Dennis' video, below is a copy of the investigative report of the incident between Dean Pamela Gates and Dennis Lennox, regarding the incident when Dennis claims Dean Gates "slapped" him. CLICK HERE to view the document.

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