Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Oakland Press goes overboard in covering Kevorkian entering Congressional race

This is getting ridiculous. I guess the Kevorkian story was a novelty, but giving this guy as much press as he's received when there is a real race between Gary Peters and Joe Knollenberg is over the top. Kevorkian has never held elective office and has no experience in raising money, putting together an organization, gathering volunteers, and all the aspects of a real campaign. How about asking him his views on the war, the economy, the foreclosure crisis, now the debt crisis in general. I haven't seen one piece of responsible journalism on this story.

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MIKE said...

You are so right Bruce. And the fact that some people actually embrace his candidacy is testimont to the mediocrity of some much of the voting public. Other then assisted suicide, what do we know about Kevorkian. No wonder I quit reading newspapers -lazy reporting.