Friday, April 04, 2008

Congressman Knollenberg, will you hold the President Accountable?

Congressman Knollenberg, this is a very disturbing article that implicates the President and Vice President and many top White House officials directly in torture. I’m hoping that you will read the entire article and provide me with you thoughts regarding whether the President, Vice President and other government officials should be held responsible for their actions regarding torture. After reading this article, please respond as to whether, if the information in this article is true, you would support impeachment and criminal proceedings against the President, Vice President and any other administration officials involved in violating the law.

Thank you for your reply in advance.

Bruce Fealk

The Green Light

As the first anniversary of 9/11 approached, and a prized Guantánamo detainee wouldn’t talk, the Bush administration’s highest-ranking lawyers argued for extreme interrogation techniques, circumventing international law, the Geneva Conventions, and the army’s own Field Manual. The attorneys would even fly to Guantánamo to ratchet up the pressure—then blame abuses on the military. Philippe Sands follows the torture trail, and holds out the possibility of war crimes charges.

CLICK HERE to read the entire article.

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MIKE said...

It's that King George mentality! This shows he not only feels he is above the law, but like despots and Royalty of yor - he feels he is the law.