Thursday, April 03, 2008

Lessenberry thinks Kevorkian won't even get on the ballot

Jack Kevorkian sure got lots of press when he picked up forms to be on the ballot as a candidate for Congress from the 9th District of Michigan. Since then, though, cooler heads have prevailed. Now some think he may not even get the 3,000 signatures needed to get on the ballot, let alone be a real challenge for the seat.

Jack Lessenberry write in Metro Times about Dr. K's bad idea.

Fourteen years or so ago, Jack Kevorkian called me to ask a question. Someone had told him you could collect signatures and get an amendment put on the ballot to change the Michigan Constitution.

Yes, I told him. That was absolutely true. "Well, how many do you need?" he asked. I looked it up; back then it was only about 260,000.

"Is that all? Why, we can get that many in no time," he said excitedly. "I could get that many by myself." Later, he checked in again. He had never voted. Was that a problem? Well, you need to register, I said. How do you do that, he asked?

Eventually, he got himself registered, and Kevorkian and his supporters — he then had quite a few of them —went to work.

But they never got anything close to the number of signatures they needed; insiders told me that when their time expired, they had less than half that. All this came back to me last week, when naive media types reported that the mostly forgotten apostle of self-snuffitude was running for Congress. Even the hint of having Dr. Death in the House was enough to fire up the stand-ups:

Yes, indeed. He'll sure know how to kill a bill. We can't wait till we see the details on his health plan. I can't wait to see how he cuts off debate, etc., etc.

But in reality, you could almost bet the farm that he will not only fail to get elected, he won't even get on the ballot. Kevorkian, who lives in Royal Oak, just barely inside U.S. Rep. Joe Knollenberg's district, plans to try to get listed as an independent. That has some Democrats worried.

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