Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Joe Knollenberg all talk, no walk on energy for consumers

Joe Knollenberg is all talk when it comes to trying to protect consumers again. Part of Knollenberg's "energy plan" is to protect consumers against price gouging at the pump. Yet when he had a chance to vote to allow the Federal Trade Commission to crack down on price gougers, guess how Joe voted. You probably guessed. Joe voted no. Click here for details. Just another in a long list of blows to the middle class and how Republicans just can't seem to give the little guy a break.

In another yet another blow to the middle class, Joe Knollenberg voted against temporary relief from the Alternative Minimum Tax, which was meant to tax upper income tax payers, but it now hitting middle income taxpayers because it hasn't been adjusted for inflation since it was passed. Joe Knollenberg voted no on the measure to allow for temporary relief from this tax. I believe in Republican parlance, that's a tax increase.


DLC Democrat said...


Thank you for your letter, and for your concern. Let me assure you
that Mr. Fealk is not now, has never been, and will never be a member of my staff. He does not speak for me, and I do not share his position.

I believe we must encourage preventive screenings and wellness care . . .

If we want to reduce health care costs across the system, we need to
expand preventive care and early treatment . . .

Again, thank you for contacting me. Please feel free to do so anytime if you have other questions or concerns.


Gary Peters

Bruce Fealk said...

I never spoke out against preventative screenings. What my letter spoke to was Joe's hypocrisy holding a women's health conference promoting women having screenings while receiving a 0 rating from the National Coalition for Breast Cancer and when his only health care plan is a $200 tax credit for employers that offer wellness programs. Your response is not relevant to the current posting.

Nowhere in my original letter did I ever say that preventative screenings were a bad idea.

Bruce Fealk said...
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Bruce Fealk said...

Here is the post that contains my letter to the editor of the Oakland Press.

Nowhere did I criticize Joe Knollenberg for encouraging women to get preventative screenings. Where Knollenberg misses the boat is with his health care plan and lack of support for universal health care of any sort.

I do know that my sister had all her screenings and she got breast cancer and the most modern treatment available and she died anyway.

Perhaps Mr. Peters needs to re-read my letter.

MIKE said...

Why is it that the Republicans can get us apologizing for pointing out their hyprocracy and anti worker positions? Bruce is right - they talk the talk but they don't walk the walk. Knollenberg's record of anti worker, anti enviornment - pro big business, pro Bush positions is well documented. You don't need to apologize for pointing that out.