Friday, August 22, 2008

Chicken Joe Won't Attend Republican Convention

In a stunning piece of news, Chicken Congressman Joe Knollenberg, will not be attending the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minneapolis. Perhaps he's afraid nature will call while he's in the Minneapolis airport and he will need to use the same facility that Senator Larry Craig was arrested in last fall. Maybe he just can't afford to be seen with fellow Republican rubber stamps for President Bush, or worse yet, get caught in a frame with John McCain, who he has endorsed. You'd think if Joe had endorsed John McCain, he'd at least show up at the convention.

And news has still not come from the Knollenberg campaign that Joe has accepted any of the invitations to debate Democrat Gary Peters, nor has Knollenberg held any town hall meetings with his constituents.


MIKE said...

He is trying to stay below the radar don't ya know! He is hoping that name recognition - not record will carry him in November. Not this time Joe.

Bruce Fealk said...

Joe can't hide this year and hope to carry the day just on name recognition. Joe's record is the issue and he loses on the issues. Maybe he'll be brave enough to debate Gary Peters this year, but I doubt it.

MIKE said...

Republicans don't debate - they smear and pontificate.