Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Peters/Knollenberg Debate?

Joe Knollenberg apparently is really afraid to debate Democrat Gary Peters. Heard on the street, Peters has accepted several invitations to debate Knollenberg and Knollenberg has yet to accept even one invitation.

Why won't Joe Knollenberg conduct any town halls meetings where constituents get to ask real questions about policy, even though some of Knollenberg's colleagues have held town halls where everyone is welcome to ask questions? Why did Joe Knollenberg fail to personally appear at Saint Joseph Mercy Oakland last Saturday? He apparently told the PR people at the hospital that there was a death in the family. Yet when I called Joe's office to confirm the fact for his non-appearance was legitimate, the person answering the phone knew of no death in Joe's family, at least no one close to Joe, and answered that Joe does have a large family, so even though the person answering the phone knew of no such death in Joe's family, there may have indeed been a death of a distant relative. It sounds to me like a dog-ate-my-homework excuse. Easy to assert, hard to prove.

Personally, I think Joe knew that being out in public can be a scary thing where someone other than a friendly reporter might ask a real question.

Then there is the issue of debates between Peters and Knollenberg. I think Joe owes it to the voters of the 9th Congressional District of Michigan to appear on the same stage and have a real debate with his opponent about the issues on the voters' minds. Joe hasn't debated his opponents ever that I can remember. In fact, why not have two or three debates between now and the election? Our elected officials owe us that much.

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