Thursday, October 09, 2008

Are You Kidding, Joe?

In today's Oakland Press, Joe Knollenberg criticizes Gary Peters for not taking a stand on whether Peters would have voted for the economic bailout bill. But I found something more interesting in the article at the end.

Knollenberg actually repeats the mantra that Sarah Palin has foreign policy experience because Alaska is next to Russia. Using that logic or lack thereof, if Joe Knollenberg were somehow standing next to William Ayers, does that make Joe a domestic terrorist? According to John McCain, it just may, since that is the charge McCain is making against Barack Obama. McCain has some pretty shady associations in his past and it looks like the Obama campaign is willing to start bringing those associations to light. And Palin herself has some interesting things in her background too, like her pastor, Thomas Muthee, a literal witch hunter. If I were Joe, I'd back off wanting Palin to come back to Michigan.

Joe also says, "She's an exciting lady." I'm not sure what Joe means by "exciting", but I think he's thinking with a part of his anatomy other than his brain when he makes that statement. One conservative columnist called Palin a "cancer on the Republican party," yesterday. Other conservative columnists realize that Palin is a drag on the Republican ticket and she is decreasing rather than increasing McCain's chances, which are already slim and none. But not Joe. Joe thinks Palin is "exciting." I wonder if Sandie Knollenberg cares that Joe finds Palin "exciting."

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