Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Knollenberg, Republicans, want lightweight Palin back in state

Republicans, stunned by John McCain pulling out of Michigan, held a press conference yesterday in Pontiac trying to rally the troops. Joe Knollenberg, has written a letter to the McCain campaign, asking them to let Sarah Failin campaign here, but they haven't received a response to Joe's letter. They seem to be going through the grief process. First they were in denial, then they were angry and on November 4 they will be forced to get to acceptance of the huge losses they are facing in the state of Michigan.

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MIKE said...

After voodoo economics for the past decade, I guess they want someone who believes in voodoo religion. It just proves that what Republicans are about is form - not substance. We don't need another race bater, fear monger in Michigan. We have enough home grown ones.