Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Earmarks More Than Triple Under Knollenberg

According to the Congressional Research Service, a non-partisan, government agency that does research for Congress, earmarks have more than tripled under Joe Knollenberg's reign in Congress!

That is right. TRIPLED.

Knollenberg is unapologetic about his earmarks. In one bill alone, he set aside over $2.1 million in earmarks for his friends. [109th Congress, RollCall Vote 628]

Indeed, according to the White House Office of Management and Budget, while on the Appropriations Committee, in 2005 alone, Knollenberg oversaw the adoption of 322 individual earmarks targeted for Michigan and totaling an amazing $ 293,815,000.

Yes. That is $293 Million of earmarks in a single year -- for Michigan alone!

Nationally, under Knollenberg's guidance on the Appropriations Committee, there were over 14,000 earmarks inserted into appropriation bills totaling $19,037,681,000 in 2005. Again, this is just for one year.

It is hard to even fathom what $19,037,681,000 means. It equates to nearly $65 for every American though.

Again, earmarks are not for federal budget items that are critical. They are generally included to payback friends who donated to their campaigns or others who may influence voters in the community. So, earmarks are more like graft, or bribe money. And Joe Knollenberg approves hundreds of millions of such bribe money every year.

JOE KNOLLENBERG's Wasteful Spending Habits
are Too Extreme for Oakland County!

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