Sunday, April 08, 2007

Joe, I hope your press secretary is paid overtime

Hawaii Joe Knollenberg’s press secretary is certainly working overtime these days. I hope Joe is compensating him or her by the number of articles appearing in the local papers these days. But quantity does not equal quality. Knollenberg is still the same backward thinking Congressman he was when he was lazily spending time in Congress saying nothing and only appearing in print when it was election time. So let me address two of Knollenberg’s big initiatives, his $200 tax credit for health care education in the workplace and his vocal opposition to higher gas mileage requirements for the Big 3.

Knollenberg’s proposal does nothing to address the 46 million Americans that have no health care coverage. In a recent poll, 80% of Americans said they are willing to pay more taxes if they could have a health care plan that covered all Americans. You read that right, 80%, so that surely includes a majority of Knollenberg’s constituents, even the Republican ones. Half of those polled said they’d be willing to pay $500 more in taxes to have universal coverage. I’d say that is overwhelming support for an idea whose time has come. Joe even voted against giving the government the ability to negotiate for lower drug prices on behalf of seniors. Another big giveaway to the drug company lobbyists that have Joe in their hip pocket.

Another Knollenberg policy cornerstone is opposing higher gas mileage standards for automobiles. Joe says, alternative fuels, yes. Higher gas mileage standards, no. Again, Joe is out of touch with his constituents. A recent survey in the Detroit Free Press says that 67% of those polled would pay at least $500 and as much as $2000 for cars that get higher mileage. I wonder if the Big 3 could increase sales and profits if their cars were able to get 40 mpg instead of the mandated 27 mpg. I also wonder if higher mileage would mean more jobs for Michigan autoworkers. Just wondering.

So, all I ask is that you not be fooled by the fact that Joe Knollenberg is getting his name and face in your local newspapers frequently. Do your civic duty as a voter and read about his voting record and his past performance. We need more innovative representation for Michigan’s 9th Congressional district. Let’s elect someone in 2008 that listens to us, instead of Joe Knollenberg, who keeps his office door locked and guarded from his constituents.

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