Wednesday, April 11, 2007

This is sooooooo funny. Just for fun I put a poll on my web site, Retire Joe Knollenberg.

Do you think it's appropriate for Joe Knollenberg to have a lobbyist as his Chief of Staff?

Yes, lobbyists should tell Joe what his opinion should be: 80.00%

No, Joe should make up his own mind: 20.00%

I voted myself, No, Joe should make up his own mind. The thing is, Joe's Congressional office in D.C. is visiting my site 6-8 times per day, so they decided to rig the vote and vote that Yes, it's OK that Joe's Chief of Staff is a lobbyist and tells Joe what his opinion should be.

It's pretty pathetic Trent that you are controlling what Joe says and does. Just what voters in the 9th Congressional District need, another puppetmaster controlling an elected official.

We deserve a Congress person that can think for themselves.


Chet said...

I find it ironic and funny that you complain of someone "gaming" a poll you yourself "gamed" by writing it in such a perverse way.

Bruce Fealk said...

Chet, I was being sarcastic. I didn't think Knollenberg's stooges would actually take the bait. It was totally tongue in cheek.

Now, what is it you do for Joe exactly?

Bruce Fealk said...

But I forgot, Republicans have no sense of humor.