Friday, July 06, 2007

Former Reagan Official Blasts Knollenberg's Position on Iraq

Joe Knollenberg has consistently given George Bush a blank check on the disaster in Iraq.

Knollenberg has not challenged a single decision or a single dollar.

Like Bush, Knollenberg is wrong about Iraq.

General William Odum, a retired 3 star general, was Reagan's Chief of the NSA. The man has both military and conservative credentials.

General Odum says that supporting the troops means withdrawing the troops.
Odum notes that no US forces have ever been required to stay in combat for as long as Bush has made today's army stay there. During WWII, troops were pulled after 180 days for some rest. Bush is keeping troops there for over a year and then bringing them home for just a few months before sending them back. It is destroying the Army.

General Odum believes that the troops should be withdrawn from Iraq.

Joe Knollenberg is stubbornly sticking with Bush 100% on Iraq.

Joe Knollenberg is too extreme for Oakland County.

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