Monday, July 02, 2007

Knollenberg Continues His Hold On Bush's Coattails -- Even as 77% of the Public Disagree!!!

Knollenberg is still holding onto George W. Bush's coattails -- all the way into the history books as the worst President -- and therefore the worst Congressman -- in history.

More Than Three Quarters of US Oppose Knollenberg
Now, 77% of Americans think the war in Iraq is going badly. That is over three quarters of the population! That is up from 2 months ago when it was a mere 2/3rds of us who thought Iraq was going badly. With nearly half of us saying it is going VERY badly.

Even the surge is failing. The surge is now in place, yet less than 20% of American's think it is working. That would be the same 20% that are still supporting Bush and Knollenberg.

Knollenberg thinks our troops should stay indefinitely. He has opposed all timelines. And he has supported Bush's switch from training Iraqi's to "stand up so we can stand down". Our troops are not training the Iraqi's anymore. Instead, our troops are on the front lines in Iraq.

These recent polls are remarkable considering that the country has divided nearly 50/50 in the last 2 Presidential elections. Remember how they were claiming some of the Country was Red and other parts were blue. These polls show that the 'red' wasn't quite as blind as Bush and Knollenberg had hoped.

According to CBS News,

Kathy Frankovic, CBS News director of surveys. "But the combination of shrinking support for the war in Iraq and opposition to domestic initiatives like the immigration bill has made assessment of this administration especially negative. "Americans don't only disapprove of the president; they overwhelmingly see the country as on the wrong track,"

Congress as a whole has poor approval ratings too -- a mere 27%.

It looks like Knollenberg and Bush are having a race to the bottom of the polls.

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