Monday, July 30, 2007

More Questionable Ties Between Knollenberg & Lobbyists

We've provided extensive documentation on how Joe Knollenberg is frighteningly close to questionable lobbyists. For example:

1. Knollenberg is paying Trent Wisecup, a sleazy lobbyist, $ 240,000/yr in TAXPAYER money to work on his campaign.

2. Knollenberg accepted thousands of dollars from convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff

3. Knollenberg accepted thousands of dollars from Bob Ney -- his friend from Congress who has been convicted of accepting bribes from Jack Abramoff

4. Knollenberg accepted thousands of dollars from former Congressman Duke Cunningham -- who is now serving prison time for accepting millions of dollars in bribes

5. Knollenberg accepted thousands of dollars from convicted felon Brent Wilkes -- the lobbyist who also bribed Duke Cunningham

6. Knollenberg is well known for doing favors for lobbyists in exchange for campaign contributions (e.g., the $8 million earmark he gave to Tony Soave -- his biggest campaign donor) and the favor(s) he did for lobbyist Mark Valente

Well, in another example of bad judgment and of just how close Knollenberg is to lobbyists, one of the biggest fundraisers for Knollenberg's campaign fund this year was held by one of the biggest lobbying firms in Washington D.C. -- Van Scoyoc & Associates.

This firm lobbies for foreign countries like Egypt and is known for lobbying for arms sales!!

Just this weekend we heard news reports that President Bush wants to send billions of dollars in advanced weaponry to countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Looks like Van Scoyoc & Associates have already bought Knollenberg's vote.

Taking a look at Knollenberg's website you can see the millions of dollars of earmarks that he brags about giving. But he refuses to release the full list of his earmarks to CNN. Obviously he is trying to hide some of the earmarks he has slipped into legislation to give federal money to his friends and campaign donors.

Of course, by not making this information public himself, Knollenberg seems to be underestimating not only our investigative skill, but those of the FBI as well. Frankly, we just think much of this information about his ties to lobbyists and felons will be more useful to voters as we get closer to the 2008 election.

We Cannot Afford 2 More Years of Joe Knollenberg & Corruption

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