Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The New "Ask Joe" Feature

Joe Knollenberg's "official" Congressional website reads like notes from a cheerleaders team meeting.

Yea. Yippee. Hurrah.

But wait, it gets worse. Now they have started as "Ask Joe" feature.

Here are some sample questions for Joe:
  • Is it good to read?
  • Is it usually hot or cold in your Congressional District during the month of July?
  • Do dogs have ears?

I'd submit these, but the real questions are just as funny.

If the Founders were around today they would most certainly impose a minimum IQ requirement on Congressional Candidates.


Chet said...

You just can't help it can you Bruce with the personal attacks. Were you born with an ad hominem in your mouth?

Bruce Fealk said...

Chet, you just can't read very well, This isn't my post, not that I have a problem with it.

With Liberty & Justice for all . . . said...


I know Bruce, and I'm no Bruce. But I appreciate the compliment.

Bruce has been brave enough to be the face of this movement, but he is definitely not alone. We just hope you and Knollenberg continue to underestimate us.