Saturday, August 04, 2007

Oakland Press: Joe, Meet With Us

On Satuday, August 4, the guest column below, asking Congressman Joe Knollenberg to face his constituents about the war in Iraq appeared in the Oakland Press.

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Chet said...

Bruce, who has "attacked your right" to use religious insults (thereby "attacking representative democracy itself").

I believe you have every right to make a fool of yourself, including attacking Joe's religious beliefs, "appealing" to them in your words, etc. Indeed, if someone were to arrest you for saying that Joe should "atone for his sins", I'd be protesting outside the courthouse and jailhouse trying to get you out. I believe even Knollenberg's son is seen on YouTube saying roughly the same thing -- you have a right to bring religion into the debate if you choose. It's simply irrelevant and we have a right to accuse you of being such as well as over-top. Our counter-criticism of you is as much a part of the "representative democracy" process as your criticism of us ---- you'd have us believe in this op-ed that you have the right to spew non-sense and we must silently listen to it without response, otherwise we are "attacking democracy". Come on. No one has even touched on your basic liberties. This is part of the debate process you chose to embed yourself in - and you happened to get your foot caught in your mouth.

You then distract from your error by pointing to the nebulous "religious right" uses religion in politics all the time - therefore-I-am-entitled to use it - argument. Even if you're correct the so-called religious right (the religious left opposes the war too - nothing wrong with that, BTW), the two-wrongs-make a right argument doesn't work.

But more importantly, you should be specific. When has JOE KNOLLENBERG ever "used religion as weapon". You should be able to document this - let's then look at each point and see if there is merit to your claim. But to point to a nebulous group you label and say they do it so I should too says nothing about Knollenberg - which is the point of the election decision we will face.